Not Your Ordinary Housewife: How the Man I Loved Led Me into a World I Had Never Imagined

Not Your Ordinary Housewife: How the Man I Loved Led Me into a World I Had Never Imagined

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 174331339X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The fascinating and extraordinary true story of how a young woman from a privileged background found herself drawn into a dark world of petty prostitution and pornography by the troubled man she loved

When Nikki Stern left suburban Melbourne for Europe in the early 1980s, little did she know that her life was about to change dramatically. Adopted into a well-connected family and educated at an exclusive school, she fell instantly and hopelessly in love with a charming and charismatic cartoonist in Amsterdam. Paul and Nikki embarked on a passionate love affair, enjoying the hedonistic days of the 1980s before eloping and returning to Australia. But soon Nikki found herself in a world she never imagined. Descending into the depths of the sex industry—as a dominatrix, stripper, prostitute, and porn star—there was almost nothing she didn't do. Despite a stormy marriage, she and Paul starred in and marketed their highly successful Horny Housewife X-rated videos as she became the queen of Australian erotica. Leading a double life as a mother of three small children, Nikki struggled not merely with censorship but with child welfare authorities and the judgement of mainstream society. In this extraordinary memoir, Nikki vividly recounts her intriguing past with emotional honesty and great insight, making it an unflinching and absorbing account of the incredible life of the Horny Housewife.



















whether he was cross-dressing and enemising while living with her. 26 When we had been winding down the Canberra office, I had begun to research my father, Allan Proctor. At that time staff at the Australian War Memorial provided me with his full service record and I received my first photo of him. I did indeed bear a strong resemblance to him; because of his youthful appearance, I could see why his call sign was ‘Babe’. He had done three tours of duty, but it was in 459 Squadron that he

She wasn’t asked why she didn’t check on him that evening and no explanation was offered. When asked why she checked on the Thursday morning, she cited the fact that she hadn’t heard his smoker’s cough and thought something was awry. The coroner couldn’t give an exact date of death, only a range: Paul died sometime between Tuesday night and Thursday morning, probably closer to the former. The autopsy report cited chronic and acute alcoholism as Paul’s cause of death; the presence of vomit in his

the most horrible things about Dory and had developed an obsessive hatred of her. She theorised that Paul was trying to create a schism between Dory and me. ‘She’s the voice of reason. But if he isolates you, he can manipulate you to his heart’s content.’ I couldn’t deny she was right. I could see him doing it, but I couldn’t stop myself—I was weak. I had fallen in love with Paul’s potential—his ‘nice’ side. ‘He’s just not the person I thought I married . . .’ ‘It’s obvious,’ she stated with

that remained was the model release form, which would need to be signed by all our actors. Paul drew up the contract. Lloyd checked it and told Paul it was so ironclad he couldn’t have done better himself; he said Paul should consider studying law one day. Paul was chuffed because he knew that Lloyd did the legals for some of the biggest names in the film and TV industry. We explained to Tim that there would be no scripted dialogue: everything would be as natural as possible, and he should try

the Balwyn house as too small and thought we should sell the Warrandyte one. Reluctantly, I agreed, instructing the trust to buy another property with the proceeds. So the trustees sold the Kangaroo Ground Road home and bought a suburban property in the eastern suburb of Templestowe. I felt sad at the loss of our uniquely charming house, but our new ‘executive residence’ boasted quality amenities. The only thing missing was an extra bedroom—I worried how Paul and I would fare being forced to

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