Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island #2: The Shining Stallion (Bk. 2)

Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island #2: The Shining Stallion (Bk. 2)

Terri Farley

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 0060815434

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ever since Darby rescued her wild filly mustang, she's been having a tough time at her grandfather's ranch. And after she accidentally endangers one of his loyal and steady horses, she can't help but wonder if she really belongs on a horse ranch at all.

But then a shadowy horse shows up, prowling the grounds at night. Could it be the legendary Shining Stallion of Hawaii? And why is Darby the only one who has seen him? One thing is certain: When the mysterious stallion sets out to challenge the wrong horse, only Darby can stop him—before anyone gets hurt.





















became aware that she hadn’t heard any utensils clanging or water running, or any sound at all from the kitchen for a while. “Aunt Sue?” she called. When there was no answer, Sam went to investigate. Aunt Sue stood at the big window that looked across the ranch yard and bridge toward the snow-capped Calico Mountains. At first Sam thought her aunt was merely admiring the view. As she moved closer, though, Sam saw the mustangs. “Aren’t they great,” Sam sighed. She stood beside her aunt. When she

because he didn’t like mustangs? “No more meat on her than a well-fed needle,” Jed added. Sam laughed, rolling her eyes at the cowboy expression. Jed ignored her. “Too bad about that hoof.” He paused to greet Aunt Sue with a touch to the brim of his Stetson. “You all plan to have this horse here when Wyatt gets home?” “Do you think that will be a problem?” Aunt Sue asked and a line appeared between her eyebrows. “Well, ma’am, Wyatt’s like most cattlemen. We like usin’ horses, ones that earn

done a pretty good job of describing the way Sam had felt when first Jen, then her father, criticized Callie. “Jen’s parents are fighting a lot,” Sam explained. “I guess her mom doesn’t want to move back to the city, but her dad thinks she does. And her dad wants to stay on the ranch, but he hates being bossed around by a know-nothing like Slocum.” “Yes?” Aunt Sue encouraged. “So, I think the whole family is a mess. I know Jen doesn’t sleep well. I bet her parents don’t, either. They’re all

Sam knew she’d already hurt Callie’s feelings by standing silent. “You didn’t have any trouble setting Mr. Slocum straight,” Aunt Sue said, chuckling. She seemed willing to drop the conversation there, but she left Sam wondering why it was so much harder to stand up to someone you liked than someone you disliked. All at once, clattering sounded overhead. Cougar’s tiny paws pattered downstairs. Blaze gave one scolding “woof” as the kitten raced, wide-eyed, into the kitchen. Seeing them, he

concentratin’ on what’s happening inside herself. Stubborn animal could freeze.” “Let’s call your dad on his emergency radio, then,” Sam said. Jake’s father was chief of the volunteer fire department. He could always be reached by radio. Sam thought she had a great idea, but Jake’s smile, white in the darkness, told her the suggestion was a mistake. Jake’s lazy tomcat smile was a challenge. “You don’t think I can do it, do you?” “Do what?” Sam kept her tone casual. Jake couldn’t refuse a

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