Politika (Tom Clancy's Power Plays, Book 1)

Politika (Tom Clancy's Power Plays, Book 1)

Jerome Preisler, Tom Clancy

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0425162788

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It is 1999. The sudden death of Russia's president has thrown the Russian Federation into chaos. Devastating crop failures have left millions in the grip of famine, and an uprising seems inevitable.

One of Russia's provisional leaders asks the American president for help. But the whole world is watching when a deadly terrorist attack stuns the United States and evidence points to the Russian government.

Amidst the turmoil in Russia, American businessman Roger Gordian finds his multinational corporation and its employees in jeopardy. Determined to find those responsible for the attack, he calls upon his crisis control team to interven. But Gordian doesn't realize how far the terrorists will go and how much he has to lose...



















finish answering y—” Cutting himself off midsentence, he stomped his foot down on the brake, jolting the Rover to a halt behind a battered Volga taxi that had stopped in the middle of the road to discharge its passengers. Scull counted to ten under his breath, staring balefully at the idling cab as a soot-black cloud of exhaust fumes chuffed from its tailpipe and came rolling over his windshield. Then he opened his power window and leaned his head outside. “C’mon, tovarishch, you wanna get

damage to the lower stories was unavoidable given that the drums of fertilizer and fuel oil McVeigh detonated weighed over four thousand pounds, couldn’t have been smuggled into the building, and therefore had to be left in front of it. What I’m saying is that he couldn’t pinpoint his target, so he convinced himself all those kids in the day-care center were necessary casualties of war. Acceptable losses.” “What about the bombing in Olympic Park?” Megan asked. “That was a public space.” “The

complicity of the donut man is still anybody’s guess.” “One thing’s for sure,” Scull said, “whoever planted the charge got plenty of bang for his buck.” Nimec looked stiffly at the eyehole camera lens atop the video monitor. “The charge was very compact in proportion to its effectiveness, yes,” he said, his frown making it clear that he disliked Scull’s particular shorthand. “I’m guessing it was something like C-4 or HBX.” “And the secondary explosions?” Gordian asked. Nimec shrugged. “Hard

down the hall from the Oval Office. In an unprecedented show of interorganizational cooperation, the two agencies had gotten together, combined their investigative researches into the Times Square bombing, and reached certain mutual assessments that likely spelled disaster for his Russian foreign policy agenda—shooting his self-image all to the moon in the process. What accounted for his multileveled chagrin and dismay was the understanding that, if those assessments were right, he would have to

he meant. He needed to know if there were any individuals in particular who needed to be killed—or who needed to survive. “None. Just make sure you’re thorough.” Sadov nodded again. “Understood,” he said. “There’s one more thing,” the electronically altered voice said. Gregor’s hand tightened around the tiny phone. That little “one more thing” would invariably turn out to be something he didn’t like. “The mission needs to be carried out as quickly as possible.” Gregor smiled, but there was

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