Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don't

Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don't

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0061789089

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“Pfeffer [blends] academic rigor and practical genius into wonderfully readable text. The leading thinker on the topic of power, Pfeffer here distills his wisdom into an indispensable guide.”
—Jim Collins, author of New York Times bestselling author Good to Great and How the Mighty Fall


Some people have it, and others don’t—Jeffrey Pfeffer explores why in Power. One of the greatest minds in management theory and author or co-author of thirteen books, including the seminal business school text Managing With Power, Pfeffer shows readers how to succeed and wield power in the real world.















Moore’s career success came from her standout performance in a “dying” unit, and from being a woman in a man’s sports magazine, which helped provide her visibility. By taking a different path, she helped her prospects for career success. Entering the Ford finance function, the University of Illinois physics department, the cable division at Time, or the consulting unit at SAP even relatively late in the game would, as long as the department remained powerful, assure you of a good career both in

to town to meet with everyone for 30 minutes as part of a get-acquainted visit. Logan called the guy and commented that since he had to have lunch anyway, why not have lunch together? The new boss agreed and Logan used the opportunity to start forging a positive, personal relationship with his new boss. Asking Works, but People Find It Uncomfortable Asking for help is something people often avoid. First of all, it’s inconsistent with the American emphasis on self-reliance. Second, people are

generational perspective on management issues. Once some of his articles had been published, he had more credibility, so it was easier to get still other articles published. Marcelo also volunteered to do interviews about his company with the media. Many of his colleagues felt that this was a waste of time and a distraction from their real jobs. Few wanted to be bothered with drafting press releases and handling media relations. Marcelo was soon doing these tasks not just for his department but

guarantee success. A marketing executive in India asked her CEO to formally recommend her for a list of “high potential leaders” in the organization, which would be accompanied by getting paid more than 30 percent higher than peers at the same level and becoming eligible for assignments more likely to advance her career. This request came just after she had been instrumental in turning around a distressed brand, had been nominated for an internal marketing award, and after she won an external

11–12 choosing where to start, 58–74 focusing on what you can control and, 232 gaining support for, 83 indifference of organization toward employee, 214, 216–17 intelligence and, 55–56 networking and, 111, 112–13 political savvy and, 4 positive perception of individual and, 10 power and, 55 preparation, 1 salience and, 111 seeking power and, 4 surviving and succeeding in organizations, 235–36 type of knowledge most useful for your job, 123–24 Caro,

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