Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

Sid Kemp

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1932531777

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Take charge of your business--every step of the way

Are you so busy putting out fires in your business that you don't have time to build your dreams? Put down the fire extinguisher for as long as it takes to read this book, and you'll emerge with a feeling of control you haven't experienced since you started your business. Project management helps you plan for and react to every challenge, opportunity and problem facing your business--tasks as diverse as opening a new location, developing an ad campaign, hiring new staff and more. Project-management strategies will:

  • Allow you to seize opportunities and solve problems
  • Teach you to prioritize projects for the best results
  • Reduce errors and improve your bottom line

Implementing these project-management strategies will help you get the small hassles under control, leaving you free to focus on building the business of your dreams.

















not go exactly according to plan. ̈ We are better off thinking of what might happen and preparing for it than we are being caught off guard. Making Sure the Job Gets Done ̈ We can prepare a risk plan including a list of risks. We can make allowances for risks in the project schedule and budget. ̈ We can use the risk plan to track the status of risks during the project, check for risk events daily or weekly, and bring risk under control. ̈ The uncertain future includes possible unexpected

having an alternate schedule for the work if no supplies are available. ̈ We can avoid a risk by changing our plans so that the risk cannot possibly happen at all. For example, if our project originally involves travel, we avoid the risks associated with travel if we arrange to work remotely, so we don’t have to travel at all. Of course, avoiding one risk usually means adding other risks. ̈ We can transfer the risk, for example, by getting insurance. Risk transference is not that important for

right way. Someone who does that before he or she starts getting paid is already steering you right and will give you good guidance when you hire him or her. ind vendors who are willing to collaborate, who will make your success their success. F ake your questions clear. Then find an answer that fits your questions. M 97 Project Management for Small Business Made Easy There is another approach. Accept your own total ignorance and then find someone else who has already used an expert and

management, you have three choices for tracking project expenses: ̈ on’t wait for the bookkeeper. Track your money as you spend it. D Set up a small budget and expense spreadsheet for the project and track purchasing and expenses there. Update your information as you spend the money or weekly. 137 Project Management for Small Business Made Easy ̈ Use a small business accounting system. If you don’t already use account codes, add them to the system. Your accountant or an experienced

company or it might be a catered event, such as a wedding. If the target is a business customer, we need to address the expectations of three groups: ̈ Executives who want to make sure the results are valuable to the company. ̈ Managers who want to make sure that the department’s work gets done, that the project doesn’t interfere with routine work, and that, in the end, it will be easier, not harder, to work with the new system they will have when the project is done. ̈ Workers who want to

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