Project President: Bad Hair and Botox on the Road to the White House

Project President: Bad Hair and Botox on the Road to the White House

Ben Shapiro

Language: English

Pages: 306

ISBN: 1595553479

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Project President is a hilarious romp through American electoral history.

From short, fat, bald John Adams' wig-throwing tantrums during the 1800 election to Abraham Lincoln's decision to grow a beard in 1860; from John F. Kennedy's choice to forgo the fedora at his inauguration to John Kerry's decision to get Botoxed for the 2004 race; from the Golden Age of Facial Hair (1860-1912) to the Age of the Banker (1912-1960); from Washington's false teeth to George W. Bush's workout regimen, Project President tells the story of America's love affair with presidential looks and appearance, why that often matters more than a politico's positions on the issues, and what might well be coming next.

"I'm constantly citing the power of dress. It's semiology: our clothes send a message about how we want to be perceived, and where is this more powerful and evident than in elected offices. In Project President, Ben Shapiro captures presidential semiotics with a potent narrative and deft analysis.  It's simultaneously fascinating and hilarious!"
-Tim Gunn
Project Runway, Liz Claiborne, Inc.


"Ben Shapiro takes a romp through American history and shows how personality--and even haircuts--have elected or defeated presidential candidates.  It's a tour through history that fans of both parties will enjoy-and can learn from."
-Michael Barone
Resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Senior Writer, U.S. News & World Report
Co-author, The Almanac of American Politics

"Presidential politics has always been more superficial than we'd like to admit. With a stylish and likeable touch befitting a strong candidate, Ben Shapiro takes us deep into the shallowness that has shaped American history."
-Jonathan Alter

"Shapiro deftly explains how height, hair and handsomeness can affect a candidate's campaign as much as issues. A fun, informative read."
-Glenn Beck
Nationally syndicated talk show host
Host of CNN's The Glenn Beck Show

"A hilarious and illuminating journey through America's centuries-long fascination with presidential image-making. Whether you're left, right, moderate or apathetic, this lively book will get you ready for the packaging of the '08 races."
-Jim Hightower

"This is a perceptive, witty-sometimes hilarious-look at the realities behind the faces and the facades, the slogans and the character assassinations, of each presidential campaign from George Washington to today - with much for us to ponder for tomorrow."
-Sir Martin Gilbert
Official biographer of Winston Churchill

 "An entertaining and illuminating romp through the politics of symbolism and personality in our presidential politics. If you're thinking of running for president, read this book before you spend a dime on a political consultant."
-Rich Lowry
National Review

COLMES: Who do you want [for the Supreme Court]?

ANN COULTER: Thank you for asking. I want Ben Shapiro.

COLMES: Ben Shapiro.

ANN COULTER: Yes. He just finished his first year at Harvard Law, 21 years old.

COLMES: You mean for a date or for the court?

ANN COULTER: No, for the court. He's my candidate. He's very bright. He's already written one best-selling book.

COLMES: You want to put a 21-year-old guy on the court?

ANN COULTER: Twenty-one, and he's just finished first year of Harvard Law.

COLMES: So you want someone who's going to be on the court for 50, 60 years? Is that - is that the whole idea?

ANN COULTER: No, I just happen to like Ben Shapiro.

Hannity and Colmes
Fox News Channel
July 8, 2005




















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Marilyn Goldstein of New York Newsday. “I guess it is.”112 Bush capitalized on the height differential for two reasons. First, Bush needed to counter charges that he was a wimp. “The Wimp Factor,” as the cover of Newsweek bluntly put it,113 dogged Bush throughout the campaign. Bush admitted that the perception of his wimpiness made people believe—wrongly—that he was “a little short guy.”114 If the Bush campaign could play up the height issue, they could counter perceptions of Bush as wimp.

asked Coolidge. As compensation for the joke,Coolidge later deposited some money with the bank.66 During his time as governor of Massachusetts, a state legislator whined to Coolidge that he had been told by another legislator to go to hell. Coolidge replied, “I’ve looked up the law. You don’t have to go.”67 Coolidge got away with such taciturnity because his thrift with words signaled an inner toughness while betraying a quick wit and vibrant humor. He was careful with words, and he was careful

Air Force in Hollywood, making training films for the troops. That experience popped up in his campaign commercials. Spouse: 2. Nancy Reagan modeled adoration throughout the 1980 campaign, irritating Reagan’s opponents. She helped Reagan project the image of ideal family man. FINAL SCORE: 60% ADJUSTED SCORE: No adjusted score is necessary for such a recent candidate. 10: JOHN F. KENNEDY, 1960 When we think image politics, we think John F. Kennedy. The hair, the smile, the charm—Kennedy was

candidate, which makes him seem ambitious. He gaffed regarding his role in his earlier Chicago organizing, maximizing his own role while ignoring the contributions of others. He must be careful about prevarications—he has already stepped into Al Gore territory once, falsely claiming that “Bloody Sunday” in Selma provided the impetus behind his parents’ marriage (the march occurred in 1965; Obama was born in 1961). Military: -2. Obama was too young to serve in Vietnam, which works to his

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