Ruby Rogers is a Waste of Space

Ruby Rogers is a Waste of Space

Sue Limb, Bernice Lum

Language: English

Pages: 43


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ruby Rogers is about to turn ten. She wants to be a gangster when she grows up. She also wants nothing more than a tree house for her birthday. Problem is, there aren't any trees in her garden, and her family laugh off the idea. Ruby's furious, but then life takes a turn for the better when, through her best friend Yasmin, she meets Holly Helvellyn, a super-cool Gothic girl who's friends with Yasmin's older sister. It turns out Holly rather fancies Ruby's older brother Joe - the brooding artist in the sixth-form who has a strange habit of talking in newspaper headlines.

One day Holly asks Ruby to steal something from Joe's bedroom for a joke, setting off a chain of events that culminate in some very unexpected but pleasant surprises...
















awkward. ‘Do as your mother says, is my advice, old bean,’ he said. ‘Or I’ll never give you another driving lesson as long as I live.’ ‘How about one after supper, then?’ said Joe. ‘Done,’ said Dad. ‘Anything to avoid the dishwasher duties.’ ‘Wait! You’ve got to clear the table first,’ said Mum. ‘Ruby had to do it last time.’ ‘Well, what else is she good for?’ said Joe. He and Dad did load the dishwasher this time, though, and Mum went off to the sofa for a snooze. I went upstairs and

even a lie. I had tried on six different tops this morning and the five I hadn’t chosen were flung about everywhere. Mum sighed, but then she had to start concentrating on the traffic so I didn’t have any more hassle till we got to Yasmin’s. Once Yasmin and I were alone in her room, I opened the box. Yasmin stared at the model. ‘It’s amazing!’ she said. ‘He’s so clever! How did he do it?’ ‘I dunno,’ I said. But I felt pleased. Although most of the time I feel like punching Joe quite hard in

been looking at tree houses on the internet for you. They start at four thousand pounds and go up to twenty thousand. Amazingly cheap, huh? Won’t take you long to save up, will it? Then all you have to do is plant the tree. Or maybe grow it from a conker.’ And with a cruel laugh, he was gone. A boiling wave of pure rage washed through me from top to toe. It was bad enough that Mum and Dad had so utterly dashed my hopes of a tree house. It was tragic that I’d been crying under my bed for what

with a dolls’ tea set. Halfway through the meal, though, Stinker collapsed. ‘The lasagne!’ he gasped. ‘It was-a poisoned! Big Al wuz behind dis! Sack da caterers! And ring for da ambulance!’ Then suddenly Mum came bursting in and the whole room shook, and the drawer fell over, trapping the monkeys and ruining their poisoned banquet. ‘I told you to tidy your room!’ said Mum in a horrid snarly voice. ‘I did!’ I protested. ‘Well, look at it!’ said Mum, pointing at the socks and tea cups

Yasmin lost her temper. ‘Blood and Guts and Dog Muck!’ she said. ‘We’ve got to clean this whole car now for peanuts! I never wanted to wash cars anyway! It was your idea! And I can’t even keep my share! This is the worst day of my life and it’s all your fault!’ She did have a point. I just buttoned my lip and we set to work on Mrs Fisher’s car, which hadn’t been washed for about a year. We needed buckets and buckets of clean water from Yasmin’s house and Yasmin’s mum had to find some clean

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