Sea Horses: The Talisman: The Talisman

Sea Horses: The Talisman: The Talisman

Louise Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 192


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Continuing the story in which Tamzin Weston and her guardian pony Moonlight confront the evil spirit of the Grey Horse. Tamzin and her new friend Marga are preparing for the pony Fun Day. But there's something suspicious about Marga and her pony Lossie. First Marga takes Tamzin's protective blue talisman. Then Marga schemes so that Tamzin has to ride Lossie in the parade. Lossie bolts and heads for the cliffs with Tamzin clinging on. She almost falls over the edge but Moonlight rescues her just in time. Marga and Lossie suddenly disappear into thin air. They are agents of the Grey Horse and, according to legend, Tamzin knows he'll be back for her...












sideboard, would you? Just –’ She had been about to say ‘just in case’, but before she could finish there was a colossal flash of light. Tamzin screamed with shock, and Baggins shot out of his basket and hid behind the sofa. Seconds later came the crash and roll of thunder, so loud that Tamzin’s second scream was completely blotted out. ‘Oh, Nan!’ she wailed as the thunder rumbled away into the distance. ‘It’s all right, love, it’s all right.’ Nan came to her and put an arm round her

but nonetheless – and despite Nan’s advice – Tamzin couldn’t concentrate on the tree any more. They finished decorating it but she wasn’t in the mood to appreciate how lovely it looked. When Nan went to put the decorations box away she sat down on the sofa, staring at the floor and feeling jumpy and miserable. On the radio, the carols had finished and the twelve o’clock news was beginning. It was a local station and, as the announcer started to speak, Tamzin felt another icy sensation clutch at

you did, it wouldn’t mean anything.’ Tamzin bit her lip. They had had this argument so many times, and every time it happened Joel insisted more stubbornly that he was right. But he wasn’t right. Tamzin knew, deep down inside herself, that finding it did matter, far more than even she knew yet. Finding it: a fragment of grey stone with a red, ruby-like chip set into it. It had come from a small stone statue of a rearing horse that had been in Chapel Cottage, Nan’s house, for hundreds of years.

lost a stirrup, felt herself slipping. She made a frantic grab for Moonlight’s mane but it was too late – she fell off and landed on her back in the middle of a large puddle. People hurried to help her, and the bay mare’s rider jumped down and came running. ‘I’m terribly sorry,’ he said breathlessly. ‘Are you all right?’ Tamzin wasn’t hurt but she was absolutely soaked. Muddy water streamed from her as she got to her feet, and she replied shakily, ‘Yes, I – I’m fine. Just a bit wet…’ ‘More

climbed to her feet. The hammers thumped in her head again but she did her best to ignore them. She couldn’t stay here. She was stiff with cold already and if she didn’t find shelter she would probably get hypothermia. Which way to go, though? If she just blundered off into the night, she could make matters even worse and end up miles from anywhere. She was still dithering about her direction when she heard a new sound mingling with the wind. It was a heavy noise, like a muffled thud. Then

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