Thais in Los Angeles (Images of America Series)

Thais in Los Angeles (Images of America Series)

Chanchanit Martorell

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ISBN: 0738581844

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Los Angeles is home to the largest Thai population outside of Thailand. With a relatively recent history of immigration to the United States dating to 1965, reports estimate that 80,000 Thais make their home in Southern California. In spite of its brief history in the United States, the Thai community in Los Angeles has already left its mark on the city. While the proliferation of Thai-owned businesses and shops has converted East Hollywood and some San Fernando Valley neighborhoods to destinations for cultural tourism, the Thai community in Los Angeles County reverberates still from global attention over the 1995 El Monte human trafficking case. The great popularity of Thai cuisine, textiles, and cultural festivals continues to preserve, enrich, and showcase one of Asia's most distinctive cultures.














Year’s Day Songkran Festival in 2008. This photograph features a Thai artist sculpting an ice Buddha statue at the Thai New Year’s Day Songkran Festival. A Thai woman demonstrates parasol painting, which is famous in Northern Thailand, at the Thai New Year’s Day Songkran Festival. Thai fruit carvings, which illustrate a unique Thai art form that requires a great deal of patience and creativity, are displayed at the festival. Chancee Martorell is dressed in Northern hill tribe costume and

Service Center CDC, and the governmental entities that financed the project, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles. At the 2006 groundbreaking ceremony, Pa Aroon stands proudly next to the architectural renderings of the Palm Village project. For him, this was a dream come true having worked with Thai CDC to help identify the need for affordable senior housing in the San Fernando Valley and sending much encouragement along the

in the Thai community have been unable to access public and private services available to the general public. Thai immigrants may resist making cultural adjustments in their effort to cope with the changes in their environment, therefore contributing to high-risk behaviors. Without the safety net of social support, which they enjoyed in their native country, these immigrants have had to overcome great difficulties in acculturating, which have contributed to their further isolation. Unaware of

out to support the El Monte Thai workers and other garment workers, Thai CDC, the union, UNITE, and other labor rights activists in the demand for retailer accountability. In 2008, Pres. Barack Obama appointed Hilda Solis as his secretary of labor. Former El Monte Thai Slavery Case survivor, spokesperson, and activist, Rotchana Cheunchujit, with Thai CDC executive director Chancee Martorell, are pictured in front of the Lincoln Memorial. They traveled to Washington, D.C., to speak about

a novice Thai monk receiving his saffron robe from one of the head monks and with other monks presiding following his ordination ceremony at the Wat Thai of LA. Wat Thai of LA schoolchildren are in their classroom in a state of meditation, a very important part of practicing Buddhism. Thai men and women are going through the steps of meditation as part of the Mind Over Matter Camp at Wat Thai of LA. To reach enlightenment (nirvana), Buddhists try to develop morality, meditation, and then wisdom

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