The Aeneid (Vintage Classics)

The Aeneid (Vintage Classics)

Language: English

Pages: 442

ISBN: 0679729526

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Virgil's great epic transforms the Homeric tradition into a triumphal statement of the Roman civilizing mission. Translated by Robert Fitzgerald.
















Umbrian hound hangs on, Muzzle agape: now, now he has him, now, As though he had him, snaps eluded jaws And bites on empty air. Then he gives tongue In furious barking; river banks and pools 1025 Echo the din, reverberant to the sky. As Turnus ran he raged, raged at Rutulians, Calling their names, demanding his own sword. Aeneas countered, threatening instant death For any who came near; he terrified them, 1030 Promising demolition of their city, And pressed the chase, despite

hostile to Carthage; (2) Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis (the Younger), staunch republican, representative of old-fashioned virtue and justice CAUCASIAN of the Caucasus, a mountain range in Asia CAULON a city of southern Italy CECROPS the first king of Athens CELAENO leader of the Harpies (the name is associated with dark) CENTAUR (1) a creature half man, half horse; (2) name of a Trojan ship CERAUNIA a mountain chain in Epirus (Greek plural name meaning “thunder headlands”) CERBERUS a

could see them 895 Standing there, each with his awful eye In impotent rage, the brotherhood of Aetna, Towering heavenward, terrifying peers, Erect with heads as high as oaks in air Or evergreen cypresses—great trees of Jove 900 Or those in sacred parklands of Diana. Stung to impetuous action by our fear, We hoisted sail to a fair wind, paid out sheets To get searoom, no matter on what course. But Helenus’ commands, his warning stood: 905 No steering between Scylla and

her rosy car. Now suddenly The wind dropped, every breath of wind sank down, 35 And oar-blades dipped and toiled in the sparkling calm. Still far off-shore, Aeneas on the look-out Sighted a mighty forest, a fair river, Tiber, cutting through and at its mouth Expelling eddies of clay-yellow water 40 Into the sea. Above it, all around, Birds of myriad colors, birds at home On river bank and channel, charmed the air With jargoning and flitting through the trees. Aeneas called “Right

Evander. Still unsatisfied, He’s gone to distant hamlets of Corythus 15 To rally and arm the Lydian countrymen. Why hesitate? Now is the time to sound The call for cavalry and war-cars, now! Break off this lull, strike at their flurried camp, Take it by storm!” 20 On even wings she rose Into the sky, inscribing her great bow In flight upon the clouds. He knew her sign, And lifting both his hands to starry heaven Sent these words after her: 25 “Glory of the sky, Who brought

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