The Berenstain Bears' Funny Valentine

The Berenstain Bears' Funny Valentine

Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0375811265

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Sister Bear has big plans to get the attention of Herbie Cubbison, the cutest cub in class. And she’s going to let that no-good nuisance, Billy Grizzwold, know exactly how she feels about him and his never-ending pranks. But when Sister receives an extra-special valentine, she might just have to rethink her planned Valentine’s Day massacre.



















when she showed Billy’s valentine to Mama. “Well, it certainly is beautiful,” said Mama, “and I understand your puzzlement. It takes me back to when I was a cub your age. There was this awful boy, just like Billy Grizzwold. He was just awful. The things he did! One time he chased me with a thousand-legger.” “Yuck!” said Sister. “And that wasn’t the worst of it,” continued Mama. “Once he put a giant bullfrog in my lunch box. It scared me half to death when it jumped out. It scared the whole

it Herbie?” asked Sister, not wanting to look. “No,” said Lizzy. “It’s Billy Grizzwold.” “Oh, no! Not that awful Billy Grizzwold!” said Sister, turning the rope faster and faster. “Hey, slow down,” said Amy. “Hi, Sister!” said Billy. “Don’t you ‘hi’ me,” said Sister, “and you better not have a worm, like you did yesterday, or a dead mouse, like you did the day before!” “No worm. No dead mouse,” said Billy. “Just me!” And with that he began jumping with Amy and got tangled in the rope. Down

they all fell in a heap. “Why, you…!” said Sister. She pulled the rope free and ran after Billy. Sister was a fast runner. But Billy was faster and kept just ahead of her. Oh, why doesn’t Herbie Cubbison come to my rescue? thought Sister as she chased Billy around and around the playground. Herbie was too busy playing fistball even to notice. Then the bell rang and they all went back to class. “Well, class,” said Teacher Jane. “As I guess you all know, Valentine’s Day is coming. We’re going

probably for you, Brother,” said Papa. “So you might as well answer it.” “That’s right,” said Sister. “It’s probably one of your sweethearts.” “You cut that out!” said Brother as he went to answer the phone. “I wish you wouldn’t tease your brother like that,” said Mama. “Well,” said Sister when Brother returned, “which one of your sweethearts was it, Bonnie, Jill, or Alexis?” “It was Bonnie, if you must know,” said Brother, “and she was calling about math homework.” “Uh-huh,” said Sister.

with Valentine’s Day.” “Your mama’s right,” said Papa. “And not only that, I seem to recall that Teacher Jane has a valentine party every year, and I bet you’re going to get a whole bunch of valentines yourself.” “That’s right,” said Sister. “But that’s because we have to. Teacher Jane’s got a rule.” It was true. There were twenty-four cubs in Sister’s class, and every cub had to send a valentine to every other cub. They didn’t have to be expensive and you could make them if you wanted to.

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