The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed

The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed

Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 0394873319

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sister Bear can run faster, climb higher, and hit a ball farther than the boys, and she gloats over it. So Brother Bear and his friends build a clubhouse for boys only, and Sister is hopping mad! She plans a honey of a revenge in this funny and thoughtful book.  



















said Papa. “And I’ll help!” “Terrific!” said Sister. “The first thing we’ll need is a big sign that ‘NO BOYS ALLOWED’!” “No,” said Mama. “The first thing you need for a club is members.” That part turned out to be easy. News of the No Girls Allowed club traveled fast, and there were quite a few other sisters who didn’t like the idea of being left out. They had a lot of good ideas. Lizzie made a rope ladder that they could wind up when they didn’t want visitors. Ellen brought

whole gang headed for Frog Pond, Brother ran ahead and quickly changed the clubhouse sign to say “Bear Country Boys Club—GIRLS WELCOME”! The berries were delicious.

their marbles. “Goodness! I hope they’re not playing for keeps!” said Mama. “It certainly is good to see Sister and Brother and their friends playing so nicely together,” said Papa. “Look, they’re organizing a baseball game.” “Yes,” said Mama. “But it does worry me just a little that Sister is the only girl in the group.” “Now, Mama,” said Papa. “It’s not whether you’re a he or a she that counts, it’s how you play the game—look, she just hit a home run!” “I agree,” said Mama.

usual, her playmates were nowhere to be seen. No matter, she thought, and went about her business. She picked wild flowers for Mama and jumped rope with some butterflies. When there were no cubs around the next day, she was puzzled. But there was plenty to do—she had a tea party for her dolls and read some books. But on the third day she began to wonder what was going on. “Where are those cubs?” she said aloud. They weren’t in the old climbing tree. They weren’t

a little bridge—it was almost like a castle. What a wonderful surprise! “Hi, gang!” she shouted. She was so excited that she did her celebration dance, complete with cartwheels and war whoops! But Brother and the other boys didn’t answer Sister’s happy cry. Instead they ducked inside, then reached out and put the finishing touch on their new clubhouse: a sign that said “Bear Country Boys Club—NO GIRLS ALLOWED”! As Sister stood there trying to think what to do next, there was a

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