The Berenstain Bears The Big Honey Hunt

The Berenstain Bears The Big Honey Hunt

Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 69

ISBN: 2:00251627

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This classic Beginner Book written by Stan and Jan Berenstain—and edited by Dr. Seuss—is the debut of the beloved Berenstain Bears! The Bear family has run out of honey, and Father Bear and Small Bear are sent to get more. But rather than just get some at the store as Mother Bear suggested, Father Bear decides to follow a bee and get fresh honey from the source. Early readers and established Berenstain Bears fans will lap up this sweet, adventurous (and misadventurous) tale.

Originally created by Dr. Seuss, Beginner Books encourage children to read all by themselves, with simple words and illustrations that give clues to their meaning.




















won’t find honey In here, Small Bear. But soon, very soon I will show you where. When the bees have gone, We will get along, too. Your Dad is smart, And he knows what to do. But how will you Do it, Dad? How, Dad? How? The best sort of honey Never comes from bees. It comes from a store. I would like some, Please.

A honey tree. The bee! The bee! There goes the bee! On with the honey hunt! Follow your Pop. Your Pop will find honey At the very next stop. We will follow, and follow … And follow along! I will find a new tree And I won’t be wrong. Is that a honey tree? How do you know? Well, it looks just so. And it feels just so. Looks so. Feels so. So it’s SO! Now watch, Small Bear. I am about To take that

Good old honey out. How are you doing? Are you getting a lot? Are you getting much honey? Or are you not? Wrong kind of tree! Wrong kind of tree! Look, Dad! There goes Your friend the bee! On with the hunt! I will not rest. I will follow that bee To his honey nest! When a bear is smart, When a bear is clever, He never gives up. And I won’t, ever! Dad! Is that A bee tree there? I know it is.

Why, yes, Small Bear. It can’t be wrong Like the last tree was. Only a bee tree Goes, “Buzz! Buzz!” Are you getting honey? Are you doing well? Or is something wrong? I smell a smell. Wrong kind of tree! Wrong kind of tree! The bee! The bee! I see the bee! If you want to get honey, There is just one way. You must follow your bee If it takes all day. If a bear is smart, If a bear is bright, A bear

I never saw More honey! Never! Now don’t you think Your Dad is clever? I think you are Very clever, Dad. But your friends the bees Are very mad! But Dad! You left The honey there! It was not The kind I want, Small Bear. I will get you honey. I said I would. But that bee’s honey Was not too good. Where are you going To find the honey? Here in the water? Now that seems funny. No, we

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