The Burning Horizon (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Seekers: Return to the Wild)

The Burning Horizon (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Seekers: Return to the Wild)

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0606381473

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Toklo, Kallik, Lusa, and Yakone are determined to reach Great Bear Lake in time for the Longest Day Gathering. Even Toklo, who has already claimed a new territory in the mountains, has promised to stay with them until Lusa has found a home of her own. But when Lusa is unexpectedly separated from the others, she must face her past-and make a decision about her future.














is watching over us. “Thanks, Lusa, but I’m fine,” Toklo said, touching her head with his muzzle. “We all need to reach the end of our journey before it’s over, and that hasn’t happened yet. I made you all a promise, and I’m keeping it.” “Great spirits, it’s hot!” Kallik gasped, when she and Yakone had struggled up to join Toklo and Lusa. “I can’t wait for burn-sky to end.” “By then we’ll be back on the Endless Ice,” Yakone reminded her as he gave her ear a friendly nuzzle. “We’ll have our own

have to find the caribou.” All the cramps and stiffness in Kallik disappeared. “So do you know which way we should go?” she asked. “Did you meet caribou on your first journey to Great Bear Lake?” “No, but Ujurak said we would find them beneath the stars that shine where the sun will rise.” Toklo set his jaw. “We will find her, Kallik. We haven’t come all this way only to lose her so close to the end of our journey.” The bears stared out across the plain. Kallik gazed at all the flat-face

didn’t hesitate. She launched herself at the coyote, catching it in midstride and knocking it off its paws. As the flat-face shrieked behind her, Lusa threw herself on top of the coyote, clawing at its throat. The coyote wriggled out from underneath her and scrambled back onto its paws, but Lusa darted in and gave it a sharp nip on its shoulder. They always hunt in packs, she thought, remembering how she and her friends had fought the coyotes beside the firesnake. It isn’t as good on its own. I

so worried. We thought you were with us when we escaped from the mules, but you’d simply disappeared. We followed your trail to the edge of the BlackPath, but it got lost among firebeast tracks.” “We thought you must have been captured by a firebeast,” Toklo added. “Did that really happen?” Lusa nodded. “I can’t remember much about it,” she told them. “I was kicked in the head by a mule, and the firebeast took me on its back to a den with a lot of other animals and birds.” Kallik looked

on their food.” Turning back to Toklo, she added, “I’m not doing it, and that’s that.” Though Lusa tried to sound determined, she was also fighting back a sense of rising panic. Images of being trapped in her cage next to the angry coyote flooded into her mind. Crushed by the fear of cage bars surrounding her again, she felt desperate to run anywhere, in any direction except toward the flat-face dens. “Come on, Lusa,” Yakone coaxed. “It’ll be okay. Sure, we’re wild bears, but that doesn’t mean

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