The Encyclopedia of Beer : The Beer Lover's Bible - A Complete Reference to Beer Styles, Brewing Methods, Ingredients, Festivals, Traditions, and More)

The Encyclopedia of Beer : The Beer Lover's Bible - A Complete Reference to Beer Styles, Brewing Methods, Ingredients, Festivals, Traditions, and More)

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The beer renaissance is in full swing. All over the country, people are rediscovering the many varieties of beer and the brewing tradition, lost earlier this century in the wake of Prohibition. This A-Z celebration of beers and brewing around the world covers breweries and their products, various beer styles, brewing terminology, and much more.
















Association of Brewers to educate microbrewers, homebrewers, and the community at large about brewing. See ASSOCIATION OF BREWERS. INSTITUTE OF BREWING Major F. Bolton 33 Clarges Street London W1Y 8EE United Kingdom 001-44-171-499-8144 Fax 011-44-171-499-1156 A technical and educational organization that offers United Kingdom breweries programs to improve techniques. INTERNATIONAL BITTERNESS UNIT (IBU) An international system for measuring and expressing the bitterness in a given beer based

United States. Prohibition movements began in the first half of the 19th century, with the enactment of local and state prohibition laws in Maine in 1829, Indiana in 1832, and Georgia in 1833. These laws were referred to as “local options,” and permitted local government, at the county, city, town, village, or even municipal district levels, to restrict or ban alcohol. On April 7, 1933, Prohibition was repealed in the United States. Happy people are seen here unloading beer—legally! It wasn’t

percent in the United States). The major brewers had been cutting back on their real ale production in an attempt to replace real ale with keg beer (American-style beer service). CAMRA was organized to combat that effort. This was the first blow in the beer counterrevolution, which spawned a whole new generation of craft brewers in England, as well as in the United States, and all around the world. Real ale was saved as a national heritage in Britain and has even gained a toehold in the United

traditional German altbier brewing style, which combines ale and lager brewing techniques. Widmer beers are top-fermented and cold-conditioned. See MICROBREWERY, WHEAT BEER, and YEAST. WILD BEER See LAMBIC and SPONTANEOUS FERMENT. WILD YEAST Any yeast other than the specific strain of Saccharomyces the brewer has chosen to use. Wild yeasts impart off-flavors, as they ferment sugars that Saccharomyces strains do not. If they are large enough in number, they can ruin a batch of beer with

abbey were brewing beer, and the town’s reputation as a brewing center was well established. The Alsopp family was the first to brew commercially there, during the reign of Charles II, but Bass is the most famous in history. The brewery holds England’s first registered trademark on its logo. In general, the beers called Burton ales are heavy-gravity beers, the most famous of which is India Pale Ale (IPA). ORIGINAL GRAVITYFINAL GRAVITYALCOHOL BY VOLUMEIBUSRM Alsopp Burton Ale 1879

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