The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe: The Shocking True Story

The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe: The Shocking True Story

Keith Badman

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 1906779279

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Marilyn Monroe was a movie legend, starring in films such as The Seven Year Itch, Some Like It Hot and, in later years, The Misfits, with Clark Gable. In 1962, this beautiful star died, legend has it from suicide. There have been many takes on the life of Marilyn Monroe but in this exceptional, highly-surprising, painstakingly researched book, Keith Badman has uncovered long-lost (or previously unseen) receipts, invoices, cuttings, files, interviews, eye-witness accounts, as well as notes that reveal the details of Marilyn Monroe's last days, and how the reality of her last two years has never fully been told. After five years of highly-meticulous research, Badman is now able to reveal the unequivocal truth about how she died and the cover-up that ensued, as well as the reality behind her rumoured 1962 remarriage to Joe DiMaggio, her final (ultimately unfinished) movie, Something's Got To Give, her jealousy of film legend, Elizabeth Taylor, her romance with the singer, Frank Sinatra, the night she sang for JFK, her deplorable July 1962 weekend at Sinatra's Cal-Neva lodge, how she was fleeced, financially by some of her supposed best-friends, her final week alive (who she saw, where she went, who she spoke to) and her well-known, "Say goodbye to the President," farewell message, as well as much, much more, including her time with John and Bobby Kennedy. Using private, previously unpublished itineraries and original eye-witness accounts, Badman is able to make public, in hard-core detail, just how deeply she was involved with them and reveal the precise date of Marilyn's very first encounter with the President, thus ending the five-decade-old mystery. Badman reveals Marilyn as never seen before; the result, a deluge of stories and facts that even some of Monroe's most die-hard fan will be unaware of. For those who think they know all about her concluding years, be prepared to think again. About the Author Keith Badman is the author of eight, highly-acclaimed biographies. Accolades for his work include...The Beatles After The Break-Up (1999): "An awesome piece of scholarship...a bible," (New Musical Express); The Beatles Off The Record (2000): "Compared with some of The Beatles' later selective and polished or faulty and fading memories, this is much nearer the truth," (The Beatles' official biographer, Hunter Davies); The Beach Boys - The Definitive Diary Of America's Greatest Band On Stage And In The Studio (2004) ...Endorsed by Beach Boys genius, Brian Wilson, "Badman's book is a fine piece of work, painstakingly researched and compiled...This is surely to become the pre-eminent guide to one of music's most influential bands...Badman's book ranks among the very best." (Website














Donald Stewart, a columnist for Uncensored magazine, wrote, ‘The cause [of Marilyn’s death] was listed as an overdose of sleeping pills, but the real killer was Hollywood. Joe DiMaggio knew this. That was why he refused to turn the funeral into a circus. Not a single movie star or executive was allowed to attend the last rites for America’s Golden Girl.’ Meanwhile, in a joint statement issued on the day of the funeral, DiMaggio, Miracle and Melson announced, ‘We could not in conscience ask one

that’s down . . . I have no intention of ending my career in a rooming house, with full scrapbooks and an empty stomach,’ said Landis just four years before her own suicide. Swedish-born Inger Stevens was another casualty. She overdosed on barbiturates in 1970. Curiously, her doctor was one Ralph Greenson. With regard to the incident at Payne-Whitney, a most invaluable insider to the unfolding events in Monroe’s life was Donald Zec, the long-running show business columnist of the Daily Mirror

the peak of her popularity. So, as 1962 rolled on, despite her bravest attempts to do otherwise, Monroe knew she had to work on another movie for the studio, and she knew there was absolutely no legal way out of it. Chapter Four Marilyn and the Kennedys – The Unequivocal Truth Saturday 23 September 1961 and beyond For many years, the majestic Santa Monica home belonging to London-born Rat Pack actor Peter Lawford and his wife, Patricia, had been the site of many private parties and numerous

Hotel. After his 20-minute speech, he attended a black-tie party thrown at the Park Avenue apartment belonging to socialite Mrs Fifi Fell, the widow of a prominent investment banker, and it was during this short gathering that the President encountered Monroe for the third time. In an appearance orchestrated by Lawford, she had flown in from Los Angeles especially. Pretending to be the actor’s personal secretary, clutching a legal pad and pen and sporting a dark-red wig, dowdy clothes and dark

picture ever. Marilyn is at the peak of her beauty and ability.’ Freshly printed copies of the screen test were shipped off to New York where Fox supremo Spyros P. Skouras was scheduled to scrutinise them early the following morning. Everyone who witnessed Marilyn’s latest, utterly flawless, supremely joyous celluloid performance was united in the opinion that the actress was back to her most glamorous, beautiful and exceedingly photogenic best. Unfortunately, looks would prove deceiving. That

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