The Frandidate (Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist)

The Frandidate (Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist)

Jim Benton

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 1416902341

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist, has always had her eye on world domination, but she has to start her class elections! If people voted for her, they were giving her all the control she wanted. But Franny's platform doesn't have the same appeal as her competitors who are offering new playground equipment, so she finds another platform...The Frandidate. Made of DNA samples from a dog, a chameleon and a parrot, along with a scrap of carpet (so she'll know where people stand), Franny creates the perfect candidate who says and does exactly what people want to hear! But soon her suit starts making promises she knows she won't be able to keep and Franny realizes she might have gone too far. The Frandidate will give you everything you want, science, humor and some old fashioned politics!





















it will be because each person sees you as the best person for him or her.” CHAPTER SEVEN THE LITTLE SEW AND SEW Franny walked into her lab. Igor took one look at her and brought her Snookyfangs, her stuffed bat. Franny smiled a bit. Igor always knew what she wanted even before she asked. Dogs are like that, she thought. She sat down on her chair, but jumped right back up with a squeal when she realized she had sat on her chameleon. “I didn’t even see him there! Amazing how he can change to

“I’ll fix the zipper later,” she said, walking around with the skin halfway off. “Igor, warm up my Satellite-Snagger,” she said, and Igor pointed the device toward the sky. CHAPTER ELEVEN ICU, ICU, AND ICU2 Franny had Igor lock on to a television satellite. She knew he could do it, because once Igor had locked himself in the lab and used it to make every TV in the world play Miss Wizzywozzle’s Story Time. Because he loved the show, he wanted to make everybody else love it too. Last month

both cameras: Isn’t it great? It’s two-faced!” CHAPTER TWELVE I KNOW WHERE YOU STAND. HERE’S WHERE I LIE. The cameras and monitors hummed. Images of people started popping up and the Frandidate swiftly got impressions of what they wanted and instantly changed its appearance. From inside, Franny marveled at the Frandidate’s skill. It changed to look like a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker. It became old, it became young. It could look like a man or a woman. It could imitate anything.

at least it told the truth. Anybody who tells the truth can’t be all bad.” “I’m glad to hear you say that, Mom,” Franny said, smiling. Franny followed her mom into the family room and asked her to sit down on the couch. “Hey!” she said. “My new couch! You replaced it!” It was a perfect pale green with light brown stripes, which was exactly the couch her mom had wanted at that very moment. The couch had sensed it. And down at the other end of the couch, Igor was surrounded in a pattern of

if you hate it too!” Franny grabbed the remote and pointed it at the TV. Igor flew through the air and grabbed Franny’s arms, wrestling desperately to keep her from pointing the device at the TV. “Let go!” she yelled, and as they grappled for control, Franny pressed a button on the remote. A hot red beam shot from the device and blew a huge smoking hole in the couch, and right through the wall behind it. For a moment, the two of them stared silently at the smoldering sofa. “That wasn’t the

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