The Golden Wasp (The Secrets of Droon, 8)

The Golden Wasp (The Secrets of Droon, 8)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0439182980

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Oops! Julie made a big mistake when she brought a bracelet home from Droon. Now she's upset the balance between worlds-and strangethings are starting to happen. Eric's dad has disappeared into Droon. And Lord Sparr himself might march into Eric's base-ment with the help of his Golden Wasp!





















mumbled. “Chili dog?” asked a voice over his shoulder. Eric quickly covered the paper. “No, thanks,” he said. Then he looked up. “Julie!” Julie was in a T-shirt and shorts. She sat down at the picnic table and began chomping on her hot dog. “Why aren’t you in the pool?” “I dreamed about Droon last night,” Eric said. “But the only thing I remember is … this.” He showed Julie the drawing. Julie nearly dropped her food. “Oh, my gosh! You made a drawing, too?” She pulled a sheet of paper from

continued in silence until they reached the foot of the great woods. Everyone stopped. Julie and Neal looked at each other, then at the shadows of the forest. “Well, what’s stopping us?” Julie asked. “Fear,” said Neal. “Also fear. Plus … fear.” Keeah grinned. “So let’s be afraid together.” The moment they stepped into the woods, the scent of pine was thick around them. Galen and Max strode ahead. Cushions of brown needles rustled softly underfoot as they padded along. Tangled vines hung

clearing sat a big gray boulder with a hole in the center. “A talking rock?” Neal whispered. “Okay, I am out of here —” “Don’t be a scaredy-cat,” said Julie. “I see you’re shaking,” Neal retorted. “S-S-SILENCE!” boomed the voice. As it did, another spray of pebbles spat out from the rock and fell over the grove. “Say it, don’t spray it,” Julie mumbled. “I AM P-P-PORTENTIA!” boomed the rock. “WHY HAVE YOU C-C-COME TO ME?” Everyone looked at Eric. Quivering in fear, he stepped forward.

Let’s go.” She slung the harp over her shoulder, and they all piled out of the small cottage. Keeah patted the door as she closed it. “I’ll be back,” she said. Then she turned. “Plud is in the dark lands. We have a lot of ground to cover.” “Plud,” said Neal with a snort. “Take a left at No Good and head straight for Evil.” “Sounds inviting … not,” said Julie. Eric breathed deeply. “Let’s get moving.” Without another word, the four friends headed down the path and out of the forest. Two

fire. Red, yellow, and blue flames licked the ceiling of the room Galen had set on fire. Zzzzt! The Golden Wasp saw the burning nest, gave out a shriek, and shot in over the kids. Inside the nest, Galen stood facing Sparr and his troop of Ninns. The wizard narrowed his eyes. “Your plan is finished, evil one! Give up!” “Too late,” the sorcerer snarled. “My plan has already begun. The strangers shall not leave Droon. Even now the stairs appear in my dark lands. I will ascend them. You cannot

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