The History Buff's Guide to the Civil War: The best, the worst, the largest, and the most lethal top ten rankings of the Civil War (2nd Edition)

The History Buff's Guide to the Civil War: The best, the worst, the largest, and the most lethal top ten rankings of the Civil War (2nd Edition)

Thomas R. Flagel

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 2:00338018

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"The single best kickoff to the American Civil War...I can't imagine a better guide for any of us, whether student or scholar."
-Robert Hicks author of the New York Times bestselling novel The Widow of the South

"A detailed and enjoyable set of facts and stories that will engage every reader from the newest initiate to the Civil War saga to the most experienced historian. This book is a must have for any Civil War reading collection."
- James Lewis,
Park Ranger at Stones River National Battlefield

Do You Think You Know the Civil War?

The History Buff's Guide to the Civil War clears the powder smoke surrounding the war that changed America forever. What were the best, the worst, the largest, and the most lethal aspects of the conflict? With over thirty annotated top ten lists and unexpected new findings, author Thomas R. Flagel will have you debating the most intriguing questions of the Civil War in no time. From the top ten causes of the war to the top ten bloodiest battles, this invaluable guide to the great war between the states will delight and inform you about one of the most crucial periods in American history.














yet the moment would not have been possible without the consent and cooperation of a general who before this engagement had been known as “Fighting Joe.”201 Hooker got his nickname when a newspaper covering his progress in the Peninsula campaign used the headline “Fighting—Joe Hooker.” For more than three hours Burnside’s corps was stalled at the bridge that now bears his name. Here fewer than six hundred Georgians held off twelve thousand Federals, wreaking five hundred casualties. 10.

sequence, special effects are anemic, field hospitals appear comically placid, and ROBERT E. LEE (Robert Duvall) always seems to be on the verge of a nap. Yet the names and dates are accurate if not the personalities. In short, Gods and Generals is made of, by, and for reenactors. Film buffs may have a harder time with it. Actor Stephen Lang, who plays Jackson, also appeared in GETTYSBURG as George E. Pickett. WAYS TO BE AN ACCURATE REENACTOR Reenacting has become an art as well as a science

gloves, compasses, mess kits, spare shirts, spare pants, and for the extra cautious, armored chest plates. On the first mile of their first march, many soldiers must have felt ready for anything. By about the second mile, they were usually ready to convert to the theology of thrift.20 Most men learned to replace equipment with ingenuity. No need for heavy pots when a tin cup worked just as well. Half of a canteen made an excellent frying pan-dinner plate-shovel. The best way to keep food from

and promptly failed as a planter. Resuming his careers in law and editing, he gained a reputation as a proslavery Unionist. In 1844 Alabama Democrats selected him to fill a vacant seat in Congress, where Yancey underwent a change of heart. Nauseated by the eternal debate over slavery, he figured one of two things must happen: Either slavery had to be legally protected everywhere or the slave states had to leave.76 In the 1851 Slavery Convention in Montgomery, Alabama, he passionately lobbied for

also posed a great danger for the wounded. To thread their sewing needles, doctors either moistened the thread with saliva or rolled the ends between their unclean fingers. Stitched into the flesh, the contaminated material came in direct contact with bloodstreams and fragile tissue, promoting infections of the worst kind. There were many cases of amputation stumps rotting at the sutures. The infected area weakened and gave way, and the stump burst, necessitating an amputation higher up the

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