The Island of Adventure (Adventure Series)

The Island of Adventure (Adventure Series)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1447262778

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The first thrilling installment in Enid Blyton's Adventure series

For Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann, Jack, and Kiki the parrot, the summer holidays in Cornwall are everything they'd hoped for, until they begin to realize that something very sinister is taking place on the mysterious Isle of Gloom—where a dangerous adventure awaits them in the abandoned copper mines and secret tunnels beneath the sea.


















Anyway, he must be daft to stay on here and do the work he does. He could get much more money anywhere else. What’s this Isle of Gloom he talks about? said Jack, going to the window. What a queer name! I can’t see any island, Tufty. You hardly ever can see it, said Philip. It lies right out there, to the west, and there is a reef of rocks round it over which waves continually break, flinging up spray. It seems always to have a mist hanging over it. No-one lives there, though people used to,

her head. I don’t feel very well today, she said. I’ve got a bad headache. I shan’t want anything. I shall have a good long rest whilst you are out this afternoon. The children were sorry. Certainly Aunt Polly did look tired out. Philip wondered if his mother had sent any more money to help things along a bit, or whether Aunt Polly was finding things very difficult. He didn’t like to ask her in front of the others. Soon the children were having their dinner, and then, the tea being packed up

Philip discovered something queer. He called to Jack in excitement. I say! Come and look here! There’s a terrific hole going right down into the earth simply terrifically deep! Jack ran over to the hole and peered down it. It was a large hole, about six feet round, and it went so far down into the earth that the boys could not possibly see the bottom of it. What’s it for? said Philip. Is it a well, do you think? The boys dropped a stone down to see if they could hear a splash. But none came.

off, piled under an overhanging bit of rock, were some empty meat and fruit tins. This was such an extraordinary find that the boys could hardly believe their eyes. They stood and stared at the tins, and Kiki flew down to inspect them to see if there was anything left to eat. Where do you suppose those came from? said Jack at last. What a queer thing! Some are very rusty but others seem quite new. Who could come to this island and why and where do they live? It’s a mystery, said Philip. Let’s

there by one of the men working the mines now? Or was it there naturally, a real nugget in the depth of the earth? Jack didn’t know. It was heavy, but he could carry it. A nugget of copper! The boy kept repeating the words to himself. Almost as good as finding a Great Auk not quite as thrilling, of course, but almost. What would the others say? Jack thought he had better keep out of the way of the miners more than ever now. They might take the nugget from him. It might legally be theirs, of

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