Kids' Whole Future Catalog

Kids' Whole Future Catalog

Paula Taylor

Language: English

Pages: 254

ISBN: 0394850904

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A collection of readings, pictures, and projects which suggest how everyday life, work, and play may be influenced by new technology in the future.












grow back again. When rats are given low-level electrical shocks , they sometimes start growing new legs to replace missing ones. Maybe someday people will be able to do this, too ! () 0 c: iS "' f; ':<; ~ Thanks to a new artificial pacemaker, this woman 's heart will keep beati ng steadily for a long time. Up until now, heart patients had to have operations every couple of years to have their pacemakers replaced . But all this woman has to do is recharge her pacemaker once a week, as she's

lights, gleaming saucershaped objects, blinking disks, balls of fire darting about at lightning speed. In recent-years , reports of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) have come from every part of the. world . The mysterious objects have been tracked by radar. They have been sighted by reliable obseNers. Scientists, air traffic controllers, pilots, even astronauts - all have given eyewitness accounts. ~ ~ ~ .c: ~ J -g ~ C!J ~ 8 Unlike most UFO photos, the one from Saas-Fee seems to be

(large - 1%" across) and M (medium - 1W' across). Each one is available as a pendant on a goldplated chain or a keychain. Each costs $18.95. Please note which size you prefer and whether you want the pendant or the keychain . When ordering items from the Museum of Holography, add the following amounts for postage: $2.00 on orders up to $10.00 and $2.75 on orders from $10.01 to $25.00. Orders should be sent to Mail Order Dept. 182. 21 FUTURE TECHNOLOGY GENETIC-ยท ENGINEERING: CREATING NEW

musician in the picture above, are always full of surprises. The violin she uses isn 't really a violin at all. An audio head from a tape recorder is mounted on the body of the instrument and the bow has recording tape instead of horsehair. When the instrument is played , words come out. Besides the tape-bow violin, Anderson 's shows feature talkingsinging, rock-based music, film, and slides. Making Homemade Instruments Some of the most interesting new sounds are produced on homemade

placing it right between the goal posts. That would be some kick! The mass driver will aim moon rocks at the ore carrier with the same amazing accuracy. 193 FUTURE WORK BUILDING IN SPACE Get ready for a building boom in space! It won 't be long before workers are welding and riveting hundreds of miles above the Earth. Some mediumsized items, like antennas, will be built on Earth, launched a piece at a time, and put together in space. But other huge structures, like solar power satellites,

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