The Mindful Leader: 7 Practices for Transforming Your Leadership, Your Organisation and Your Life

The Mindful Leader: 7 Practices for Transforming Your Leadership, Your Organisation and Your Life

Michael Bunting

Language: English

Pages: 216

ISBN: 0730329763

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The ultimate guide to becoming an extraordinary leaderwhile finding happiness, gaining authenticity, and banishing stress

Integrating proven mindfulness practices and world-class leadership theory, The Mindful Leader is the essential guide for self-aware leadership. The book simplifies mindfulness principles and links them solidly to business benefits. It provides a practically-grounded template for leaders to develop unprecedented levels of self awareness, wellbeing and effectiveness.

Research findings throughout the book detail the positive impact of mindfulness from the perspectives of brain science, psychology and leadership. International case studies from a variety of industries illustrate the everyday implementation of mindful leadership. You'll learn easy mindfulness practices that you can implement today and a practical framework for everyday mindful leadership. You'll also be given access to online resources for vision reflections, values clarification, mindfulness practices and more.

Mindful leadership is a hot topic – but it's not as simple as "when you become mindful, great leadership will spontaneously happen." This book serves as both mindfulness training and leadership training, clarifying the parallel while guiding you through the many points of intersection.

  • Improve your leadership skills via context-specific mindfulness practices
  • Learn mindfulness from a practical perspective, with real workplace skills
  • Discover how leaders from around the world practice mindful leadership every day
  • Understand the neuroscience link between mindfulness and great leadership
  • Learn practices that deliver a deeper sense of integrity, authenticity, fulfillment and bottom-line results improvement

Mindfulness provides real, practical tools for self-awareness, mental wellbeing, stress reduction and more. When practiced through a leadership lens, it becomes much more than just another leadership guide. Mindfulness transforms leadership as a whole, delivering real, lasting change that transcends typical leadership training. For a clear, concise framework of mindfulness at work, The Mindful Leader is the ideal guide for those serious about effective, sustainable leadership.














mindfulness when we are under pressure. Mindfulness is an essential partner to living our values in real time, when it counts. When we ‘put on sandals', with our values and mindfulness combined, we find the courage to be honest in difficult circumstances, to stay true to what we value when the pressure is on. We learn a precious secret: living with integrity is a beautiful practice in that it produces a more grounded, consistent experience of fulfilment. Everyone wants to be led by leaders who

evidence-based process for gaining clarity and accessing and developing your greatest potential. As my friend and colleague Charlotte Thaarup-Owen, founder of the Mindfulness Clinic, puts it, ‘Mindfulness practice enables us to gradually learn to use the mind just as a tool, rather than as a tool and an obstacle. Our past conditioning embedded in our mind often gets in our way and causes us to make poor decisions. Mindfulness trains the mind to become present so that we can greet every experience

you run your household, even if you have little or no control over how your company operates. Second, understand that leadership is a mindset, not a title. As Jay Coen Gilbert explained, there are many examples of new conscious business practices adopted by organisations that were initiated by single individuals at all levels. These are leadership-minded people who raised their hands and said, ‘Couldn't we do this better? What if we were to change this?' Jay recommends that people choose just

desperately cooperation is needed in organisations. ‘Collaboration,' the report explains, ‘is employees communicating and working together, building on each other's ideas to produce something new or do something differently. A collaborative organization unlocks the potential, capacity and knowledge of employees generating value and innovation and improving productivity in its workplace.' Deloitte was asked by Google Australia to quantify the value of greater workplace collaboration, and their

come to believe that love, like compassion, means weakness. It's what allows us to be hurt. Surely, we think, we will be taken advantage of, laughed at or hurt if we are vulnerable. Ironically, protecting ourselves from our vulnerability hurts us more than derision or aggression from others. It keeps us feeling isolated and disconnected. We may feel safe and strong, but we are quite lonely in that ‘safe' place, even in the company of others. Once we learn that it takes strength to stay open and

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