The Mystery of the Suspicious Spices (Greetings from Somewhere)

The Mystery of the Suspicious Spices (Greetings from Somewhere)

Harper Paris

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1481414674

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ethan and Ella discover some suspicious spices in a market in Mumbai, India, in the sixth book of Greetings from Somewhere, an exciting series about mystery, travel, and adventure.

Ethan and Ella venture into the bustling markets of Mumbai, India, where there are tons of beautiful sights and smells—from silky fabrics to bread being baked to jars of spices. When one of the spice sellers starts getting complaints about his saffron, he is beside himself. His spices have always been known to be the purest in the market. Ethan and Ella are on the case—and they soon discover that someone has been meddling with the spices!

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Greetings from Somewhere chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.













Elephanta Island,” Ethan murmured. “Maybe!” Ella got out her purple notebook and opened it to a blank page. The notebook had been her going-away present from Grandpa Harry. Ethan smiled to himself. His sister was always writing down notes about everything. Ella found a pen and wrote: Visit Deepak’s spice store. Deepak has a brother named Tufan. Ella closed her notebook and gazed out the window. In the beginning, she and Ethan had not been too happy about going on a trip around the world.

old name for Mumbai, and ‘Hollywood.’ Mumbai is like the Hollywood of India. They make lots of films here,” Mr. Briar explained. They soon reached the Singhs’ apartment building. They rode the elevator up to the top floor, found the apartment, and rang the bell. The door opened. A woman beamed at them. She had shiny black hair that was swept back in a ponytail. “Welcome!” she said. “I am Sani. You must be the Briars.” Mrs. Briar introduced everyone. “I love your sari,” she told Sani. Ella

travel writer for their hometown newspaper, the Brookeston Times. Her job was to write articles about interesting places all over the world. The Briars had already been to Venice, Italy; Paris, France; and Beijing, China. Their last adventure before India was a safari in Africa! While Mrs. Briar worked, Mr. Briar homeschooled Ethan and Ella in their second-grade lessons. Mr. Briar pointed his camera at the twins. “Let me get a photo of you kids standing on the steps. Wait. Why can’t I see

horseback riding through the Sacred Valley in Peru. The guide, Fernando, led their tour group along a dirt path that went steeply uphill. Towering mountains, lush, green grass, and colorful flowers surrounded them. The Sacred Valley was the Briars’ second stop in Peru. Their first stop had been the capital city of Lima. In Lima, they explored catacombs—ancient passageways underground—and swam in the Pacific Ocean. It was the same ocean they swam in when they’d visited their family friends in

Informal. Jacket design by John Daly Jacket illustrations by Marcos Calo Jacket illustrations copyright � 2014 by Simon & Schuster, Inc. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Paris, Harper. The mystery of the suspicious spices / by Harper Paris ; illustrated by Marcos Calo. — First edition. pages cm. — (Greetings from somewhere ; #6) Summary: In a Mumbai market, twin detectives Ethan and Ella investigate why a spice seller’s spices have suddenly gone bad. [1. Mumbai

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