Three Deep Breaths: Finding Power and Purpose in a Stressed-Out World

Three Deep Breaths: Finding Power and Purpose in a Stressed-Out World

Language: English

Pages: 98

ISBN: 1576756300

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""Three Deep Breaths uses the popular parable format to illustrate an effective antidote to anger, stress, and overwhelming busyness. Through the story of a harried worker struggling to balance work, life, and family pressures, readers learn three different ways to use breathing to live in the present, think positive thoughts, and release negativity and judgment. By actively practicing the prescribed breathing exercises, readers maintain clarity and purpose even when confronted with the most chaotic and stressful environments. Straightforward and easy to learn, these simple centering techniques can be done in as little time as it takes to walk to the next meeting.
















“Comin’ out to enjoy the last of these glorious fall days?” Daisy looked at the sky. “Snow’s on the way, I know it.” “I heard you from my office window, singing like a bird,” Angus said to her. “You better listen to some real birds before you say that!” They both paused to listen to the birdsong around them. It was like a light-hearted symphony, each bird carrying a different, delightful melody. “That’s singin’!” Daisy said with authority. Angus stared into the flowing creek nearby. He

behavior was all about. Sierra walked into the living room and saw her father sipping hot chocolate in the dark, looking out at the storm. “Wow!” she exclaimed and rushed to the window. “Look how much it’s snowed! Everything’s covered already.” Thank goodness she can drop her “stuff” and get present so quickly. She hasn’t acquired all my bad habits! Sierra plopped down on the couch, mesmerized by the storm. “Look at how the snow forms little ‘hats’ on the mailboxes and bushes,” she said.

want me to live in this present moment and become awake. Because fear can’t live there. Because the present moment isn’t fearful. If I stay angry over a disagreement with Carly, I’m stuck in the past. If I’m constantly obsessed over my job security, then I’m dwelling in the future. But when I turn on the light, the scary image in my bedroom becomes only me in the mirror. When I get present, and awake, fear dissolves. So I’ve been holding my breath, and holding back my life. When I don’t take

such as Herbert Benson, Gregg Jacobs, and Ellen Langer of Harvard, Robert Sapolsky of Stanford, Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin, and Paul J. Rosch of the American Institute of Stress, to name a few. They show us that mind/body techniques like the Three Deep Breaths, which focus on proper breathing, deep relaxation, and mindfully choosing our perspectives, can actually bring balance to our autonomic nervous system. Their research reinforces the work of the many brilliant teachers

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