Tron Legacy: Initiate Sequence (It's Your Call)

Tron Legacy: Initiate Sequence (It's Your Call)

Carla Jablonski

Language: English

Pages: 74

ISBN: 2:00107211

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Initiate Sequence is an It’s Your Call book that lets you decide the action of the story.

Twenty years after Sam's father's disappearance, he gets a message that sends him to his father's arcade and into the world of the Grid, where he must compete in dangerous games in order to find his father.

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its spire. You remember seeing it from the Recognizer. You cross a long narrow bridge and ride into the tangle of city streets. The energy crackles. This must be the energy Quorra meant—programs and their vehicles can’t travel anywhere without it. You’re surrounded by massive buildings with severe angular designs. They tower over you, making you feel tiny and insignificant. Above you, a Recognizer cruises lazily, but you don’t seem to have attracted attention. There are other vehicles and

This is crazy, you think. How am I ever going to find him? And even if I do, it may be too late. Whatever Clu has in mind, it could already be happening. Bartik and Veltor both stressed that time is short. Still, they felt strongly that without your father, there’s no way to rally enough support to overthrow Clu. An idea occurs to you. Could being the son of Kevin Flynn be good enough? You wish you could ask Bartik and Veltor what they think. Man, why hasn’t anyone here invented cell phones?

But they don’t exist. The decision is yours alone. If you continue searching for your father, TURN TO PAGE 115. If you return to the city, TURN TO PAGE 102. BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE “I’ll give you one more chance to hand over your disc,” the Sentry orders. “What do you want my disc for?” you ask. “Don’t you have one of your—whoa!” Before you can complete your sentence he flings his disc. You duck and it returns to his hand. He speaks into a device on his wrist. “Rogue program. Derezz in

you tell Quorra. “If he refuses to save himself, then I will save myself.” “How?” she asks. “I’m going through the Portal. Clu wants my dad’s disc—not mine. Clu had it and handed it right back. I’m getting out. I’ll find Alan, and we’re going to figure this thing out from the other side. It may be Clu’s game here, but in my world, he’s gone in one keystroke.” You seem to have gotten Quorra’s attention. She studies you intently. “I can’t do anything until I’m out,” you continue. “And I can’t

your father march shoulder-to-shoulder, ready for the battle of your lives. Somehow, you know by joining forces, you’re assured of victory in… THE END BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE You grab Alex and fling yourself off to the side. You land hard, but at least you avoid being run over. “Get off me!” Alex squirms out from beneath you. “You’re squashing me, dumbface.” “Hey! I just saved your life!” you snap. But there’s no time to argue. The motorcycles roar toward you again. You grab Alex’s arm

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