Ultimate Ghost Hunting Guide - A comprehensive manual for the Paranormal Researcher

Ultimate Ghost Hunting Guide - A comprehensive manual for the Paranormal Researcher

Jeff Terrozas

Language: English

Pages: 63


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ultimate Ghost Hunting Guide is a comprehensive HOW-TO for the beginner or experienced Paranormal Researcher.

Ghost Hunting is a fun group activity. However, like anything else knowledge is power. Knowing the tools and skills needed will only enlighten the experience.

This is written to encourage the Ghost Hunter in you to get out there and have fun.

This book debunks some of the methods used by the celebrity ghost teams. It shows why EMF detectors are unreliable and used improperly by supposed "experts".

Table of Contents

What is Paranormal Investigating?
What is a Ghost? And Types of Entities?
Types of Hauntings
Indicators of a Possible Haunting
How do I investigate the Paranormal?
Finding a paranormal location
Team Members
Collecting Evidence
EMF Meters – OK are we ready?
First Tier – Cost Effective Equipment for any Investigation
Second Tier - Intermediate Equipment for the Casual Investigator
Third Tier - Serious Equipment for the Serious Investigator



















disembodied voices. You may want to do a walkthrough of the location if you are unsure how many team members that will be needed. Again keep your group small for small locations and bring more hunters for a bigger location if you like. Finally, on a walk through insure you have a plan on how you want to investigate. If you are doing a walkthrough with a client then let them do all the talking with you asking relevant questions. We will get more into this when we cover interviewing. Make notes

discover an EVP on a nearby audio recorder. My only question is how come the camera microphone didn’t pick up the EVP? It is the same technology. This scenario is just too repetitive on those types of shows and has caused me to question it. I know some will say that the entity must have spoke near the audio recorder and not the investigator. Ok is that every time? Don’t be disenchanted though. EVP’s have intrigued some very reputable people of science and technology. The ideal EVP is something

be disappointed when we can’t find that anything has changed. Too many times have I heard the phrase “was that door already shut?” or “was that toy already on the ground?” This was due to lack of proper coverage by the investigating team. Now in my early days, before surveillance systems were cheap, the only way to watch multiple areas at once was to buy large VHS cameras that were pricey and mount them throughout the location on tripods. This also led to the review of hours and hours of

particular area; you will want to visit that area and record yourself on camera. There are cases where people have been scratched or bruised by unknown forces. If you run into a case like this, it is rare; I suggest contacting a clergy person to bless the home immediately. Obviously the entity is malevolent or mischievous at best. Lights and toys turning on and off by themselves - this is probably one of the easiest items to debunk. Electrical problems in a house are easy to trace without

walkthrough may be necessary for any location. You want to be able to identify, prior to showing up, where you are going to get power for your equipment. It could be very disappointing to arrive at a location and discover that power isn’t available. hI was part of a team that was investigating the back of an incredibly large warehouse. It was just assumed that power would be available. However, when we went to set up cameras and our PC it was discovered that power outlets were only available

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