Upstairs Mouse, Downstairs Mole (A Mouse and Mole Story)

Upstairs Mouse, Downstairs Mole (A Mouse and Mole Story)

Wong Herbert Yee

Language: English

Pages: 48

ISBN: 0618915869

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“Delightful. . . . A real winner.”—School Library Journal “The friendly, cooperative tone of the text is reminiscent of the Frog and Toad series.”—Kirkus Reviews “Yee’s comfy beginning reader (dedicated to ‘Friends of Frog and Toad’) . . . packs in plenty of sweetness and civility.”—Publishers Weekly

Mouse and Mole are neighbors.
Mouse lives inside an oak tree, and Mole lives in a hole underneath.
They are neighbors, but they are also friends.
Sometimes friends make mistakes—but they always try to help each other out. That is what Mouse and Mole do.




















are bamboo pen and watercolor with colored pencil. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Yee, Wong Herbert. Upstairs Mouse, downstairs Mole / by Wong Herbert Yee. p. cm. Summary: Mouse and her downstairs neighbor, Mole, discover that when they help each other, housecleaning and other daily tasks are much easier. ISBN 0-618-47313-0 [1. Mice—Fiction. 2. Moles (Animals)—Fiction. 3. Neighborliness— Fiction. 4. Cooperativeness—Fiction. 5. Cleanliness—Fiction.] I. Title.

PZ7.Y3655Up 2005 [Fic]—dc22 2004005238 ISBN-13: 978-0618-47313-7 Printed in Singapore TWP 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 For Friends of Frog and Toad * * * CONTENTS Clean and Tidy The Invitations Kind, Good Neighbors The Boat Clean and TIDY Mouse and Mole are neighbors. Mouse lives in a house inside an oak tree. Mole lives in a hole under the house of Mouse. Every morning, Mole swept his hole. Sweep—sweep—sweep! Mole liked his hole nice and tidy. Every evening, Mouse swept

They waved their arms back and forth at the sky. Then it began to rain! The next day, Mouse knocked on Mole's door: TAP-TAP-TAP. "I have a surprise for you," whispered Mouse. "Let me guess!" Mole clapped. Like Mouse, he too was fond of surprises. "It has to do with pairs," she said. "Do you mean pears like on a tree," asked Mole, "or pairs like mittens?" "Like mittens," said Mouse, "only not mittens." Mole rubbed his snout. He kicked the dirt with his feet. A claw poked out of one

afternoon," said Mole to Mouse. "Good afternoon," said Mouse to Mole. Mouse ran to fetch her broom. Together, they swept Mouse's house until it was nice and clean. "Why, it only took us half the time it takes me to sweep my house," said Mouse. Next they marched downstairs and swept Mole's hole until it was nice and tidy. Together it had taken less time to sweep both places than it took for each of them to do just one. "That was fast," said Mole. "Our houses are clean and tidy, thanks to

eyes. Mouse bumped into the table as she sat down. Mole poured a cup of tea for Mouse and one for himself. "I wasn't sure how you liked your worms," said Mole, "so I prepared them two ways. The ones on the right are lightly fried. The ones on the left have not been cooked. Dig in!" Mouse took one of each to be polite. Mole filled his plate. He was starved! Mole crunched, Mole slurped. Mouse poked the worms on her plate. The one on the left wiggled and squirmed. Mouse's stomach

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