Waking with Enemies

Waking with Enemies

Eric Jerome Dickey

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0451222741

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey’s must-read follow-up to Sleeping with Strangers.

Gideon, the hit man introduced in Sleeping with Strangers, returns in this “high-octane”(Publishers Weekly) thriller to discover that a hit has been taken out on him. Is it the man he left alive in Tampa, the cold beauty who taught him how to kill, the scorned woman he still desires, or an unknown enemy? As the hunter becomes the hunted, Gideon will need his friends—and his enemies—to get out of this crisis alive.













headed down the stairs, each step swift and unheard. Four…three…two… I was almost on the streets when I heard the explosion, the report from that Sig. There was a bang followed by the sound of his overweight body crashing into the hardwood floor. I was on the corner of Compton Road and Worcester Road, outside a two-level duplex, the one on the other side of the former pedophile vacant, I’d verified that when I got here. I started walking. She stepped out of the shadows and startled me. The

Now it looked like the man with the broken nose had done the same. Somehow he had slipped some sort of venom in Mrs. Jones’s food. Maybe paid the cook at Banners to season her food with death. Lola was freaking out, but her breathing was okay. I was too tense to tell if poison was in my system as well. I looked at Mrs. Jones, my tone urgent, said, “Need to get you an ambulance.” Mrs. Jones shook her head, then struggled to get something out of her purse. I asked, “What is that?” “Need my

couldn’t deep-throat all of me, kept trying her best to imitate Mrs. Jones, still ambitious, so damn determined to get it right, gagging, almost threw up, but she didn’t stop trying. Mrs. Jones coached her. “That’s it. You’re working it. That’s it. He’s about to come. Don’t stop. Take it all, Lola. Take that sweet nectar and swallow it. Love what he’s giving you.” My hips rose toward Lola’s face, my hand on the back of her head. My testicles tightened. I hardened. Grew inside her mouth. Moaned

bud get porno where this lady clearly did not want to give head…it was so bad. I got pissed just looking at her. You really, really have to want to do it, and actually like doing it.” “Does it matter?” I went to the safe. Opened it up. I straightened my clothes. Was about to leave. Didn’t. Didn’t take the weapons out either, left the safe unlocked. Just in case I needed quick access. “If a man was eating you out, and you could tell he didn’t want to eat you out…” Lola said, “I’ll do better

at her door. Inside her small living room, she sat in a wooden chair. Long skirt. High-heeled shoes. A red light was in her window and a Bible was in her hands. New Testament. The red light was off. The Bible was open. She was amazing, always had been. The room brought back memories. Now, like she had then, she had the same pictures of Dorothy Dandridge, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Tina Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Lana Turner, and Eartha Kitt Scotch-taped all over her small flat.

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