World Whiskey

World Whiskey

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0756654432

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

World Whiskey is a long overdue visual bible of over 700 worldwide whiskeys. "Whiskeys Worth the Wait" directory spreads make up the body of the book, marrying together distillery history, in-depth tasting notes, and a photograph. Guiding you through every important distilling nation—starting with the rich varieties in Scotland, going on to woody bourbon and rye in the US, and finishing with the range of varieties available in Asia and Australasia—you're sure to find a satisfying dram wherever you are.

















glenfiddich glenfiddich 12-YeAR-Old Dufftown, Keith, Banffshire 090-093_Scotland_Glenfid-GlenGar90 90 US_090-093_Scotland_Glenfid-GlenGar.indd 90 it was no impulsive decision when William Grant decided to abandon a 16-year career at mortlach Distillery in 1886 to go it alone. With a wife and nine children to support on a salary of £100 a year, plus the £7 he received as the precentor of the Free Church of Dufftown, he had to scrimp and save until he raised the funds to

glen ord glen scotia glen spey Despite its name, Glen Ord is not in a valley, but on the fertile flatlands of the Black Isle, north of Inverness. It was founded in 1838, close to the alleged site of the Ferintosh Distillery, which was established in the 1670s. In 1923 Glen Ord was bought by John Dewar & Sons, shortly before they joined the DCL. With six stills and a 750,000 gallon (3.4 million liter) production, it has plenty to spare for a single malt. This has been called Ord, Glenordie, and

1830s by the Galbraith family, who retained control for the rest of the century. after various owners followed, it was bought by Glen Catrine (Loch Lomond Distillers) in 1994. James Stuart was an established distiller with Macallan and the key partner in building the Glenrothes Distillery in 1878, although he quickly pulled out of that venture. a few years later, he decided to convert an oat mill he owned into Glen Spey, on the opposite bank of the Rothes burn from Glenrothes. The project

still). It is distilled from a mixture of malted barley and other unmalted cereals, such as wheat or corn. Barley is malted in the conventional way (see pp40–41) and mixed with hot water in a mash tun with the unmalted cereals, which have been cooked under pressure to soften the starch and make it soluble. The resulting sugary liquid (or wort) is then fermented with yeast to produce the wash, ready for distilling. In the continuous still, the wash passes through two columns fitted with metal

young un-peated malt and even younger peated malt. The distillery’s oldest expression is a 27-year-old—a luscious, almost resinous whisky, which is sweet on the palate, then drying in the finish. TOMINTOUL 10-year-OLd SInGle mAlT: SPeySIDe 40% Abv First launched in 2002, this delicate, aperitif-style malt has some vanilla from the wood and a light cereal character. TOMINTOUL 16-year-OLd SInGle mAlT: SPeySIDe 40% Abv The extra years give this expression a more nutty, spicy character, with notes

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