Analogue to Digital TV: Helping You Migrate

DiViTech Consultancy Services Include:

1. Overall Digital Migration Strategy.
2. Technology and Standards.
3. Broadcasting Infrastructure.
4. Migration Roadmap: From Analogue Switch-off to Digital Switch-on.
5. Communication Strategies.
6. Help and Support Strategies.
7. e-Government Solutions.
8. Steering Groups and Work Streams.
9. Research-driven recommendations.
10. Financing solutions.

Digital Migration: Bridging The Digital Divide

The world is moving towards Digital Broadcasting. The impact on television not only results in better picture and sound quality, but it also enhances the lives of ordinary citizens on a global scale.

DiViTech’s main aim is not only to assist you to migrate to digital television but also to assist you in bridging the so-called “digital divide‘’ that exists between people with effective access to information technology and those with very limited access, or in some cases, none at all. This in turn leads to redressing the unequal acquisition of technical skills and knowledge. Acquiring these skills improves technical know-how and promotes the optimal use of digital technology in general. Enhancing the standard of living is an obvious benefit, but the introduction of digital television also opens up a host of other economic opportunities with specific reference to the ICT sector, local content providers and the creative industry as a whole.

Digital Migration: Benefiting Industry and Government

  • Releases spectrum to enable the use of other digital services
  • Provides the opportunity for Government to sell unused surplus spectrum.
  • Enables new business models, fostering competition and stimulating the economy.
  • Creates new revenue opportunities for local broadcasters.
  • Saves on the decommissioning of the existing analogue network
  • Promotes the growth of local manufacturing and retailing industries.

Digital Migration: Improving Quality of Life

  • Improved service quality.
  • More channels being broadcasted.
  • New services such as interactivity, EPG and subtitling.
  • Access to digital radio through television.
  • e-Government services.

Digital Migration: What Divitech Offers

Divitech Consultancy Services:

With a proven international track record, DiViTech and its partners, are able to provide consultation services to National Broadcasters, Industry Bodies and Government. DiViTech consultancy services include:

1. Overall Digital Migration Strategy: DiViTech believes in first establishing a custom set of strategic objectives and related priorities with regard to DTT services in your country. This allows us to provide you with unique technological guidelines that specifically address issues which include, but are not limited to, the broadcasted channels, high-definition capability, interactive services, coverage area, Set Top Box solutions, etc.

2. Technology and Standards: Assisting you in defining post digital migration policies and regulatory frameworks in addition to helping you define Broadcasting (D-Book) and Set Top Box standards.

3. Broadcast Infrastructure: DiViTech offers advice on infrastructure aspects such as transmitter role out, aerial standards and international frequency coordination.

4. Migration Roadmap: Developing a national migration roadmap, which entails the assessing of current market conditions and the subsequent planning for analogue switch off. During the process of digital migration it is of the utmost importance to decrease industry uncertainty by maintaining complete transparency.

5. Communication Strategy: Developing a communication strategy, which includes explaining the new technology, keeping the stakeholders informed and providing custom DTT branding solutions, if applicable.

6. Help and Support Strategy: Determining and developing the help and support requirements needed to ensure an all inclusive, smooth, digital transition in your country.

7. e-Government: DiViTech is able to provide you with an an e-Government strategy aligned with your Digital Migration objectives and can also provide you with advice on the technology best suited for this.

8. Steering Groups & Work streams: The establishing of steering groups and work streams that involve broadcasters, equipment sellers, etc. with the ultimate goal of aligning core partners with the digital migration programme’s objectives e.g. Government, Broadcasters etc.

9. Research-Driven Recommendations: Conducting research on the impact of the switch over, the analyzing of market trends and the monitoring of the switchover progress.

10. Financing Solutions: Developing cost models and advising on the cost to migrate and fund the migration process, including the help and support costs required to ensure a smooth transition, before establishing a switch off deadline.

DiViTech: Turnkey Migration Solution

Divitech Assisting You:

  • Realising a digital dividend
  • Launch more television channels
  • Implement new communication services, more languages & additional services for the disabled
  • Bridge the digital divide through access to information
  • Create sustainable employment opportunities through grass root development
  • Eradicate poverty through economic empowerment
  • Enterprise and social development
  • Industry development

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