One of the many challenges facing the countries in Africa today is preparing their societies and governments for globalisation and the information and communication revolution. DiViTech, through its innovative technologies and participation in Africa’s Digital Migration, can assist countries to connect their citizens effortlessly.

Bridging the Digital Divide

New technologies, especially information and communication technology, bring unprecedented opportunities for African countries to bootstrap into the modern economy. DiViTech can connect you to take advantage of this opportunity through its Digital Set Top Box technology enabling you to easily bridge the digital divide.

The DiViTech Set Top Box brings multimedia and information technology into your house through:

  • Interactive middleware (MHEG-5) that allows for interactive content to be broadcast to the DiViTech Set Top Box.
  • A Linux based Operating System, with basic web browser and a return path, extends this capability.

Allowing your people:
  • Access to e-Government services
  • To browse selected web sites
  • Access to e-Commerce
  • Access to e-Learning

The Divitech Set Top Box: Enabling Communication

Broadcast Channel – “One to Many”

Interactive government communication via a digital broadcast channel is a quick and easy first step to start communicating with citizens via the DiViTech Set Top Box and its MHEG technology.

Return Path – “Many to Many”

The DiViTech set top box is able to connect to the internet via its USB port, using cable or wireless technology, connecting you to the world.

The Set Top Box e-Government Gateway

e-Government is the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve the activities of public sector organisations. e-Government aims to enhance access to and delivery of government services to benefit its citizens.

More importantly, it aims to help strengthen government’s drive toward effective governance and increased transparency to better manage a country’s social and economic resources for development. DiViTech can assist you to implement e-Government on the back of Africa’s Digital Migration reaching your people through innovative and economical technology.

The Divitech e-Government Solution

An innovative, e-Government system utilising Set Top Box technology based on a flexible, scalable and open standard platform, offering citizens convenient access to:
  • Digital television
  • Web portal
  • Interactive e-Government services
  • Messaging from existing analogue TV sets
  • Government communication

e-Government: Benefiting The Individual

  • Enabling you to initiate a request for a particular government service from your home.
  • Lifestyle improvement for citizens regardless of socio-economic status.
  • High availability of information for all.
  • Access to educational resources for a vastly increased user base.
  • Unprecedented opportunity to exercise entrepreneurial skills regardless of user background.
  • e-Government services.
  • Messaging e.g. email.

e-Government: Benefiting Government

In an e-Government system, interaction promotes government:
  • Convenience
  • Communication
  • Transparency
  • Effectiveness
  • Internal cost saving

Improving the relationship between government and citizens, ensuring a political climate that is conducive for economic growth.

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