Board & management 


  • Salukazi Dakile-Hlongwane, Chairman
  • Letepe Maisela, Director
  • Martin Maddox, Director
  • Makabongwe Nciza, Director
  • Rampa Rammopo, Alternate Director
  • Lehotlo Ramokgopa, Alternate Director


  • Rampa Rammopo, Chief Executive Officer
  • Lehotlo Ramokgopa, Chief Financial Officer
  • Letepe Maisela, Strategic Director
  • Makabongwe Nciza, Business Development Director
  • Bertus Bresler, Chief Operating Officer
  • Tandie Hlubi, General Enquiries



Salukazi Dakile- Hlongwane

Salukazi graduated from the University of Lesotho in 1977 with a BA in Economics and Statistics. In 1980 she completed her MA in Development Economics at Williams College, Massachusetts, USA. Since 1977 Salukazi has, among other positions, worked as part-time lecturer in Business Economics at the University of Lesotho, programme manager for the Development Bank of Southern Africa, principal cooperation officer at African Development Bank (Abidjan), senior manager in the Structured Finance Unit of FirstCorp Merchant Bank and assistant general manager of BOE Investment Bank. Salukazi is also the recipient of many awards for her contribution to Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) in South Africa. Salukazi is chief executive officer of Nozala Investments and chairperson of DiViTech. 


Rampa Rammopo

Rampa graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in 1990 with a BCom in Accounting and Business Economics. In 1992, he obtained his BCom (Hons) from the University of South Africa. Rampa’s background includes over 13 years of accounting and investment banking experience. He completed his training as an accountant at Ernst & Young in 1994, and joined Gold Fields of SA Limited as a cost accountant. In 1995, he joined FirstCorp Capital (now Ethos Private Equity) as a manager, where he was involved in numerous investment banking transactions and served on the Boards of Directors of FirstCorp’s portfolio companies. In 1997 Rampa joined African Merchant Bank as a senior portfolio manager in the Private Equity Division. He is chief operating officer of Nozala Investments. 


Lehotlo Ramokgopa

Lehotlo is an MBA graduate from De Montfort University (UK); with over 12 years’ experience gained in the mining, management consultancy and financial services sectors. She has worked as an information technology consultant for Accenture and Standard Bank of South Africa. After moving to Absa Small Business she was appointed regional manager for three regions. In November 2006 Lehotlo joined KPMG and became head of Black Economic Empowerment Advisory Services. In September 2009 she pursued her dream and started Evolut Consulting. 


Letepe Maisela

Born in Belabela, Limpopo, Letepe matriculated at Hebron Training College in Pretoria and went on to attend the University of the North in Limpopo, from which he graduated with a BA Social Sciences degree. He later completed the Harvard Business School Programme for Management Development. A founder member of South Africa’s first black marketing consultancy, Co-ordinated Marketing and Management Services, Letepe has held executive marketing positions at companies including Nampak, HerdBuoys and MultiChoice South Africa. In 1999 he established Kgorong Investment Holdings as a BEE vehicle and went on to secure several blue-chip investments in the financial services, energy and defence industries. Letepe is currently the managing director of Village Management Consulting. 


Bertus Bresler

Bertus is the front-runner of Reunert’s set top box initiative. His key objectives are to develop local set top box technology, to uplift the electronics manufacturing industry, and to develop the skills and technology required to stimulate South Africa’s local economy in general and the electronics sector in particular. Bertus has many years of hands-on experience in project engineering, product development and high-volume electronics manufacturing, and he holds degrees in Industrial Engineering (UNISA) and Business Administration (Cape University of Technology), as well as a diploma in Project Management (Stellenbosch University).  


Martin Maddox

Martin has been employed by Reunert since his arrival in South Africa from the United Kingdom in 1983. He held the position of group product manager from 1988 to 1990 when he was appointed marketing manager. After becoming a director in 1991, he held the position of marketing director and then group marketing director until his appointment to the position of MD of Panasonic Systems Company in 1997. Martin has served as group MD since 1999, and is vice-chairman of the Consumer Electronics Association.  


Makabongwe Nciza

Makabongwe is chief executive of Peuloane Technologies and Telecommunications, which specialises in consulting, telecommunications and investments and focuses on youth economic development. A BCom graduate of University of the Western Cape, Makabongwe worked in the digital security industry - after which, as managing director of Sensormatic Mphe Technologies, he gained extensive knowledge in closed circuit television and related areas.