Bridging the digital divide

Digital Vision Technologies (DiViTech) is a South African technology company that provides Set Top Box Solutions, Digital Migration Consultancy, and E-Government capability to the African market. DiViTech provides these services against the backdrop of the worldwide digital television migration that is expected to revolutionise all forms of digital media over the next five to ten years.


The affordable new-generation DiViTech MPEG-4 Digital Terrestrial Set Top Box designed for ease of use, reliability, and low power consumption.

With specific focus on the African market the new generation DiViTech MPEG-4 Digital Terrestrial Set Top Box can be completely customised to fit your market needs.

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The world is moving towards Digital Broadcasting.

The impact on television not only results in better picture and sound quality, but it also enhances the lives of ordinary citizens on a global scale.

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With more than forty years experience in manufacturing, and a diverse portfolio of electronics and related products, DiViTech Manufacturing has extensive experience in the methodologies, controls and principles used in the manufacturing process.

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One of the many challenges facing the countries in Africa today is preparing their societies and governments for globalisation and the information and communication revolution. DiViTech, through its innovative technologies and participation in Africa’s Digital Migration, can assist countries to connect their citizens effortlessly.

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